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About Us


Khoja is a knowledge sharing platform that links you with professional calibers in different fields who can share knowledge, skills or guidance.

How It Works

• Search : search for required field and location, Khoja platform will match your requirements with the best KHOJAS.
• Book : Review and compare between profiles, for on demand session, choose suitable time slot then book.
• Pay: pay through one of our methods of payment, credit card, merchants or through one of our representatives in your door
• Evaluate: After the session is completed, you have the opportunity to
• rate the KHOJA, to maintain the quality of our community


• Anyone could be a KHOJA, just prove your experience and Start your career as Khoja to help others by sharing your knowledge and experience and improve your income
• It is easy Now to Set your sessions schedule and rate, reach more audience
• You have a full control over your profile, Show the world who you are

For Users

• Different types of booking, booking per session, Public Course/ workshop or request a Khoja according to your requirements
• You can communicate with the Khojas through messaging system
• Variety of fields, Locations schedule, and prices


• Private Session: If you prefer privacy, Booking per session and it is based on the availability of you and the Khoja.
• Request a Khoja: you can post your requirements and Khojas will apply and you choose the best
• Public Course/ workshop: If you like to study a whole subject, mingle and meet people, you can join others in Public courses